Locksmith- Code of Ethics

locksmith code of ethics
  • To practice their profession in the spirit of fairness to their clients, with fidelity to security in conformance with appropriateness, and with high ideals of personal honor

  • To properly and impartially analyze security problems, and to advance the best possible solution for the protection of their clients

  • To conduct themselves in a dignified manner

  • To abide by applicable licensing, registration, and business regulations

  • To advertise and conduct business in a non-deceptive manner

  • To abstain from using improper or questionable methods of soliciting patronage, and to decline to accept such incompatible patronage

  • To refrain from using their professional skills, training, or expertise in a manner that compromises the safety or security of the customer or the general public

  • To refrain from associating themselves with or allowing the use of their names by any enterprise of questionable character, or in any manner countenancing misrepresentation

  • To cooperate in advancing the best interest of the locksmithing industry by interchange of general information and experience with fellow locksmiths

  • To encourage and promote loyalty to the profession, always ready to apply their special knowledge, skill and training for the use and betterment of our industry
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