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lock & key security hardware for commercial businesses

Commercial Lock & Key Hardware

As locksmith professionals we?re experts in commercial lock hardware. We provide an array of security locksmith products & commercial lock hardware to help protect your business & its assets. Whether you're fighting theft or unauthorized entry, we can help arm you with solid solutions for your commercial or office security needs. We only carry the latest in industrial strength commercial lock hardware from some of the leading names in the locksmith industry. When it comes to the safety & security of your business you can depend on Unlockme Locksmith for the most comprehensive & responsive service & support! Our unique qualifications mean that we know how to safely, securely & effectively manage every opening in your building.

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High Security Locks

All high security locks use strong materials and designs that make them resistant to destructive entry techniques. Steel rods, ball bearings, and hardened materials are common. They also have components designed to resist manipulation from lock picking, drilling & decoding attacks. Security pins are the most popular example of anti-manipulation components in pin-tumbler locks. Some locks also have components designed to resist impressioning & key bumping. Most security locks have key bows & warding patterns that are patent protected to prevent unauthorized manufacturing. Most security locks offer increased protection against most forms of unauthorized entry. These locks cannot be purchased at a retail or home improvement stores. We caution against buying inexpensive consumer grade locks because that this is truly an area where you get what you pay for. The few extra dollars you spend on purchasing high security locks for your business is nothing compared to what you stand to lose if it gets broken into. The benefits of a high security lock system far outweigh the costs.

Maximize Convenience & Key Control

The ability to control the creation, distribution, and cutting of keys for a given lock can greatly increase the security of the keying system for a given lock. Keys to high security locks also generally require Security Card be presented for a locksmith to duplicate keys. Many also require a specialized key cutting machine. Not every user has the same key control needs. This is why we offer different key systems to meet a wide variety of security specifications and key access requirements. Use the same key for all your doors & padlocks if you like, have them keyed individually but working with a Master key, or you can use the same key that already opens your existing locks. Our experience has proven that the most efficient & least expensive ways to improve the security of your premises is through the control & management of keys.

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